Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Christmas Story

This is not a very good picture of our little home in Montana. I'm sorry the porch is not cleaned up and I don't have any furniture for it yet. But that's not this story. This is from last year.

So I said to my youngest(18), do you want to go Christmas shopping for your sisters and friends? Not for you, this is Christmas shopping. She said sure and got ready. She brought her cute purse that she has had for a while now.  Off we go to Millinia Mall, we park at Bloomingdales because nobody else does.
Anyway, as we go inside the alarm goes off. No one even looks at us. We walk thru to the mall and the alarm rings again. We go to an employee who says that's OK you are fine. I want to know why this is happening! We dump her purse and it still rings. They say don't worry about it. So we head to Forever 21(that store makes me crazy) their alarms goes off! Nobody cares! We shop, try taking a 18 year old in Forever 21 not to shop for herself, that doesn't work, so she's mad at that. We get what we want(she did get a sweater, their stuff is so cheap). and tell the cashier the alarm will go off as we are leaving and she doesn't care!  By this time my hair is standing up on the back of my neck, I'm thinking about when we walk thru Bloomingdales again and is this going to happen in all the stores?!  She is mad at me because I make her walk thru the alarms by herself so they don't think it's me.  She is yelling at me saying she wants to go home now. Well this is where Anthropologie is, I'm not not going there. Guess what!  The alarm doesn't go off in Anthro!  I start to calm down now, well she is mad and wants to go home.  So we did, the alarm went off in and out of Bloomingdale's again and again nobody cared!  We get in the car and for some reason she thinks this is my fault, that I embarrassed her. I start laughing until I start to go into the ugly cry.  I thought of how my Mother use to embarrass me, now I understand her more. I wish she was here so I could tell her this story.
Not a fun day shopping!

My little house in the mountains is waiting for me. 3000 miles away! Someday I will tell you the story of getting there. It's different every time. I'm retired from USAirways so I get to fly for free!  Well believe me it's not what it's cracked up to be. I have spent days in airports trying to get on flights. We are trying again on Christmas Eve. I hope I don't have any long story's from this trip.
Enjoy your last Sunday before the holidays!

ps... let's see who in my family reads my blog....I might get into trouble for telling this story.


shohshi said...

Did you put a security alarm sensor in her purse? How could a mother do such a thing? . . . and at Christmas!
Have fun in Montana! Miss you.
hugs ~ jennifer

Linda said...

LOL~ I've had these fun kinds of shopping trips...and probably still embarrass my adult children on a regular basis...its my job, I guess!

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

That is a funny story! Hope your daughter will see that some day ;) Very annoying when the alarm goes off like that and when the staff doesn´t care! Will Santa bring a new purse for your daughter this Christmas maybe? ;)

Oh your little house in Montana is so cute! All tucked in in the snow and the trees. What a wonderful picture.

In case I don´t have time to stop by more this week, before you go to Montana - I wish you

A Very Merry Christmas!