Monday, December 13, 2010

Jury Duty and Jack!

Do you like Jury Duty?  I'm sorry I don't.  When I receive this I worry about it, then I forget about it.  Then I find the notice in a pile of papers and that feeling comes back again.

I try to have some kind of excuse to mail in. I use to use my small children but they grew up on me.
I'm waiting for the grand kids so I can use them.  I will be their babysitter!

I didn't send anything in this year and as the date got closer I wish I had.
I could have called in Friday night but I didn't want it to ruin my weekend if I had to go. As long as I didn't know I still might not have to go.
So I waited until 5pm Sunday night.  I listen to the recording just like they said. And finally they said 1 thru 756 has to report.  My number was 1145!  Now I'm happy.  I have served before and will again. I just didn't want to do it now.

And now for Jack.  Can you see the pink?  He ate some red berries, not real ones. Katie was all upset he might get sick.

He's back this morning and seems find.  She had a final so he's on the back of the sofa looking for her to return.
Happy Monday to all of blogland!
Don't forget to stop and breath during this holiday season.
ps. Jack does stay here almost everyday while Katie works and goes to school.  Does he qualify as taking care of doggie grand kids?  They don't know Jack is a dog!  Maybe?  But they just might do a home imspection, do they do that?


JuJu said...

I so love Jack. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

And, I am also freaked out by jury duty. To me, the notice always makes me feel like I'm in trouble. What's with that??!!

The Boston Lady said...

I thought you might be talking about another kind of Jack (Daniels) when you mentioned the jury duty! But I'm glad it's Grandpuppy, pink Jack and yes I think he can be used as an excuse! Ann

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

I guess I'm a bad citizen too, because I hate jury duty, too!

Awwww, just look at sweet little Jack's face!
Silly puppy. :-)

Have a great week!

shohshi said...

Hello Lovely,

Jack is so adorable. He is definitely a cuddle-buddy.

Hugs ~ jennifer

Vicki said...

Just had jury duty. lol I kicked and screamed all the way there. Then, was picked for a jury and had to come back. Fortunately, the trial was only one day. Look at sweet Jack waiting for his Momma. So cute! Stay warm...25 degrees in Central FL tonight?! Yikes.

Ames said...

Maybe it was jury duty for the Casey Anthony case? I wouldn't mind serving on that case. Although I have a problem staying awake. LOL!Jack is a sweetie pie. Hi from another Florida gal!~Ames

David said...

You have better luck for jury duty than I do. I was on a jury for a murder case. Guilty. One year later, I was on a jury for a case of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (assault rifle). Again... guilty. It's probably because I don't know Jack.

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Interesting! I´ve always wondered how it works out with jury duty. Thanks for enlightening me ;) It sounds exciting and scary, I think. Am I weird?? I have to say that I would be frightened (standing in trial) if the jury was unwilling to its task though... Maybe it´s because we don´t have the same system in Sweden.

Jack is so cute. Funny dog! Hope he is well.