Friday, December 10, 2010

Junkin finds Friday!

I found the frame at a garage sale that I wish I had gotten there first. I was there late in the afternoon and just could imagine what they had in the morning.
The tin fits perfect! I found that at the thrift store. The star garland is German glitter and I found 2 at the thrift.

This Santa's face is so cute, not a very good picture of him. Found him at my friends estate sale to die for.

I love this sparkly slay with my bottle nose tree in it.

I love the way this candle holder looks like a church.

OK, you can't see this very well but it's my Anthro banner that I splurged on a couple years ago. I tried to wait until it went on sale, never happened! So I had to wait a whole year and buy it when they first came out.
I love it!

Junkin finds Friday
I'm linking this with Junkin finds Friday. So hop on over and see all the good stuff! Thank you Linda!
Enjoy your Friday!
Just 2 more weeks until Christmas and I have done no shopping. I think I will panic now.
ps. Check out my good friends blog, The Boston Lady and see what she did for me!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love all your junkin finds! That candle holder is my favorite! The Santa is pretty darn cute also. Thanks for joining JFF!
hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Fun junkin' finds~ I should get out and do some junkin', only we have a big snowstorm on the way again! And I haven't started my shopping either- next week! Ann's feature on you was sweet!

The Boston Lady said...

I love that candle holder!!! I told Linda that when the snow and cold gets to her, she needs head down this way. Thanks for mentioning me! And I love that German garland. You always know what you're doing. I am always flailing (sp) about. But I am learning from the master (you) and (CG - but she's been busy this week). You would be proud to know I got my desk chair fixes at a local guy who specializes in wood repairs right off of Hansel. He's been there 30 yrs. I would have loved for you or CG to be there when he helped me. Told me my desk chair was from the 1920s. And now i proudly sit upon it and blog. LOL. Let me know about next week - this was long

shohshi said...

Hello Lovely,
Great finds and perfect presentation. I especially love your profile picture.
Check my blog for a picture of a white chocolate Jack. =)