Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifted Aqua Ruffle Shirt and Me.

I just love the color of my new shirt. The sweater is J Crew and I got both at the Thrift. At different time. Shirt $2.92 Sweater $1.91! Wearing with jeans. Not shown but Ann Taylor for $3.93.
Off the subject. This is Bailey. He is the best. Yes, he's on the sofa but it is slip covered.

And this is his best friend Lola B. She has been with him since she was 5weeks old. She loves him so much.

And this is me. Self portrait in the mirror. Woops no eye make up. I wonder what some of my bloggers look like. I know alot of you are soooo young and that's what I like about blogging. Age doesn't matter when you have things in common. I get so much inspiration from so many of you and I want to just say thanks for being there to talk to about everyday life.
Happy day to all of you.


Linda said...

Love your dog and cat photo! So sweet. Thanks for sharing a photo of you! I need to do the same, but maybe I need some makeup, when I look in the mirror I'm not sure who that old lady is!

The Boston Lady said...

Well, since you know what I look like, I won't scare you with a picture of me, but yours is lovely. I love the picture of Bailey and Lola B. How sweet. And warm. Lola B is one smart kitty.

JuJu said...

Oh, I love this post! Bailey and Lola make my heart sing!
And I love seeing your picture You look quite mischevious in that picture! :-)

the gardeners cottage said...

Love the self photo. How did you take it? I've tried but the flash from the camera always goes off and the picture is a mess.

What fantastic thrift store finds. Love that blouse, beautiful color.

Those two sweetie pies curled up together just warm my heart.


good luck with the shoe shopping. I never, ever thought I could get so lucky.

littlebyrd said...

Hey! Great score on the sweater :)
Your animals are so cute together - i love it!!

Linda said...

Hi- thanks so much for following my blog and for your nice comments- I enjoyed visiting yours, too! Can't tell you how much I love the pic of Bailey and Lola- our pets add so much to our lives!

Becca said...

Hi KarenSue
I just dropped by your blog and wanted to say hi. I love the photo of Bailey and Lola...soooo cute! I live in Las Vegas, but I've been to Montana and enjoyed my visit to Whitefish. It's a lovely place. Hope to chat again. :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Being a huge animal lover I just have to say that Bailey and Lola steal the show here! They are so cute and cuddly I just want to reach out and touch them! Have a great day...all of you!

Lara Harris said...

Adorable pup! :)