Friday, February 5, 2010

Home away from home

I'm in Orlando now and I miss this. I'm not sure about living there, I don't like being cold. It makes my hair go flat and dries my skin. But I do like the smoke coming out of the chimney and the warm feeling inside.
He loves it. He also doesn't want to be on my blog. So please don't tell him, he never reads it.

I'm putting bird seed out.

This is the back yard and my beautiful shed our friend Tony build for me. He is also the one that gutted the house and redid it. The people walked away from it and left food in the refrigerator, clothes, shoes all over the place. The electric was extension cords all over the house and pack rats lived there. It was empty for about 1 year. I did not go in the house untill Tony started cleaning it up.
My youngest took these pictures and wanted me to do a post about them.
That made me happy.
Enjoy your Friday!


Linda said...

BEAUTIFUL photos- I can see why you would miss it! Living in Minnesota, winters get long, but I would miss it, too!

JuJu said...

Oh, what a beautiful spot. I love it. It looks so homey and cozy. What a wonderful post!!
How often are you able to get there? Do you prefer summer or winter there?

Teresa said...

I love your Montana! I think the key is having a place in both. Everything you said is spot on....dry skin, bad hair, and truly cozy. But....Florida is looking pretty good right about now!
Have a great day,

Jessica said...

Lovely pictures. How I wish I was having a warm drink in the cabin!
I'm glad I wandered over to your blog today!

The Boston Lady said...

If I went there I would never come back. How beautiful! And I LOVE the cold weather! I think HE looks so handsome and rugged, but I won't say a thing and let on I've seen HIS picture in here. I love your pigtail hat! Tell E her pictures are spectacular!

Becca said...

Oh what beautiful photos. I'm not a fan of the snow, but I think as long as I had a nice warm quilt, my honey, 2 kitties and a warm fire I could live there! I'm reading that your other home is in Florida, how wonderful is that? We love Seattle or Portland and hope to have a home there someday near the ocean. Someday.....
Anyway, thank you for following my blog! It's so nice to have new friends in the blog world.

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