Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Blog List

I just discovered this beautiful blog. So I added it to my long list of blogs.
It's crazy how long my blog list is. I have to get up at this awful hour(4:04am) in the moring to look at and read all my blogs.

I think, well maybe I should cancel a few but I have trouble doing that because I love you all.

Do you have a long blog list? What do you do?

I just love these open shelves and the subway tile. This girl has a little bit of english in her post. But I think I will go and ask her to add a translator.

Today we will continue to fix the wall in the dinning room from the leak in the pipe. It started out just pulling the panaling down, fix the leak and putting the panaling back up. Well guess what! The bottom of the panal is rotten. My husband wanted to cut it off and put a larger trim there. Not the rest of the room. Just there. He said-would that look bad? He hates doing house related things. So you know he won't do anything fun that I want to do to the house. He will only fix things because it's too expensive to hire someone. But that sometimes leads into hiring someone-haha.
Anyway, it's Super Bowl Day! I'm really not a football fan, I don't even know who's playing. Oh wait, I thinks it's New Orleans. I will root for them. They desearve it. We do go to a party every year. It started out we all stayed for the whole game. Each year we all leave earlier. We do the betting thing. That's fun.
Anyhooo, I will stop now. Thanks for staying with me if you did.
Happy Super Bowl Day to you.

ps. does anyone ever have trouble adding a blog to the list? when I get to add to list it just freezes.
Also, these pictures are from Living etc.


JuJu said...

Oh, I love these pix. If I could design my house, I'd have this room.

Good luck with your interior designer. HA HA!!

Linda said...

That IS a lovely blog find! Guess I'll be doing a little more reading, too! LOL!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

That white kitchen is so it!

Tracey said...

That kitchen is utterly amazing!!! Love it! It is hard to keep up with all of the wonderful blogs out there...but 4am - yikes that's early!

:) T