Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We live here!

We live here!
They leave their shoes all over the place. The purses and book bags are dropped at the front door.
One is in college with a major of engineering, works and keeps her grades up to keep her bright future money coming in(Florida's Loto money for good grades).
The other is a senior in high school with very good grades. An editor for the yearbook that is on deadline right now. Plus taking AP classes. Has to be in school at 7:20 and sometimes doesn't get home until 6-7pm.
I'm trying to not nag, it's not easy. They will both be gone very soon. And then the house will always be picked up and cleaned up.
Will that make me happy? Maybe, but I bet I'm lonely.
So, I'm letting alot go right now. Yes, they are almost adults and I do get tired of picking up shoes all over the house and dishes in the living room.
But I do think they can and should put their dishes in the dishwasher and not just on the kitchen counter. I think I will talked about that more, without being a nag.
I don't want them to just remember being nagged at the last couple of years being home.
So, if you happen to stop by for coffee or maybe a glass of wine after 5pm you might see a few messes around here. I try to keep the dog hair vacumed up and the bathroom cleaned up. So please don't judge me. I hope you feel comfortable here.
We just live here.


Darla said...

I know this scene quite well, with 5 kids and four still at home!

thasnifty said...

well said! mine are younger at 7 and 5 and even though it's a going to be some time before I face their departures I know that these years pass by so quickly that I too want a home filled with joy even if the dishes aren't where they need to be :) thanks for the reminder.

The Boston Lady said...

Your home is always warm and inviting. That's why people like to come there, including your family! said...
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