Monday, January 11, 2010

Another chair! I think I have a problem.

I just love the worn look of old wood in furniture. Especially well made furniture.
The natural worn spots from years of use.

I thought you would want to see this one again.
(I can't figure out how to delete one picture)

I would rather have this then a fancy polished piece.

Can you see it?
This is the best Thrift.
Happy day to you


The Boston Lady said...

OMG, I recognize that price tag! How come I can't find chairs like that???? I don't think you have a problem at all. There's nothing wrong with collecting chairs.....

So, will it be a walk or a class?

The Boston Lady said...

Also, since no one else has commented... I will be stealing your widget-temperature thingy and putting it on my blog as soon as I figure it out. I can't let you get ahead of me.

jules said...

love your chairs...who in the world would want to get rid of either chairs in your last two posts??? By the way...we both have 36 followers...I am going to become your 37th, nice to meet you by the way,,,,i'm jules....

Angela Harris said...

OH MY! I knew it wasn't just me!! My favorite thrift store and it's owner know my weakness. Every single time she gets a chair she smacks on that $5 sticker and it's mine!!!
Ha :) Your blog is beautiful!!
~Angela Harris

Anonymous said...

I love all things worn and wonderful. I guess that's why I have a home built in the 1880s! The chair is beautiful and what a find! I am new to blogging and enjoyed reading through your blog today. I'll be returning.

- Deborah

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Great find! I love those old wooden desk chairs. I found one in my grandfather's attic and one on wheels at a yard sale for $10. Your $3.93 one is incredible!

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