Monday, January 18, 2010

An Award for me!

Look what I got from my sweet niece!

I hope she didn't feel the need because we are family.

Well, I'll take it.

Thanks Kristin!

Ok, first I answer a few questions so you get to know me and then I pass this award on so I get to know you. I like that!

  1. Where is your cell phone? On the table

  2. Your hair? Long-trying to figure out what the age limit is when you have to go short.

  3. Your Mother? Gone for 16 years, miss her, wish she was here to help me with these kids.

  4. Your Dad? The best step Dad is gone also. Real Dad in North Carolina.

  5. Your favorite food? Hispanic

  6. Dream last night? Cleaning out my older daughters room to make a craft room. What do I do with all her stuff. I can't get rid of it. That would hurt her feelings.

  7. Favorite drink? Grande non-fat misto with 2 pumps white chocolate mocha.

  8. Your dream/goal? Start an Etsy Shop, learn to knit and sew more.

  9. What room are you in? The office/sewing room.

  10. Your hobbies? Thrifting/junking.

  11. Your fears? Starting up the Etsy.

  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Montana

  13. Where were you last night? At Phyllis's

  14. Something you are not? Thin

  15. Muffins? Not too often.

  16. Wish list item? VW convertible bug.

  17. Where did you grow up? Orlando, Florida

  18. Last thing you ate? A bowl of cereal for dinner last night. I don't know what they ate.

  19. What are you wearing? PJ's

  20. Your TV? Nothing right now.

  21. Your pets? Bailey, Tiger, Binky, Miley, Lola B-1 dog and 4 cats.

  22. Friends? The best!

  23. Your life? Good.

  24. Your mood? Good.

  25. Missing someone? My Mom, every day.

  26. Vehicle? 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor.

  27. Something your not wearing? bra

  28. Your favorite store? Anthropologie

  29. Your favorite color? Blue

  30. When was the last time you laughed? Last night with my BFF Lori.

  31. Last time you cried? Don't remember.

  32. Your best friend? Lori

  33. One place I could(and do) go over and over? My Thrift Store.

  34. One person who email's you regularly? Lori.

  35. Favorite place to eat? Home.

Ok that's me in a nut shell.

Passing on too.


~~Carol~~ said...

Congrats on your award! I'm pretty new to your blog, so it was fun getting to know you!
Happy Monday!

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Big congrats on your well deserved award!
I'll bet you can fulfill one of your dreams right now...setting up an Esty shop. You would be soooooo wonderful at it, a natural!

I'm here is ya need any help. :-)


My Grama's Soul said...

Just stopped by to say hi! Congrats on your award. Passing it onto me, hugh? So, I have to answer all those questions???LOL

Thank-you for the thoughtfulness.