Friday, October 23, 2009

Why I go to Montana

The view from the front porch. That is Flathead Lake in the distance.

My little house. And yes, the living room is skinny.

My pictures are not very good. But I do hope to get better. I should have made the bed or closed the door. I didn't stay at the house because it is closed down for the winter. I stayed with my daughter in her new apt. in Whitefish Montana with a view of the ski mountain-not to shabby. She says she's living the life.

We call this the Florida room because it's all windows. We use it as a mud room.

When we bought the place there was a log across the doorway about 2feet off the floor. You had to step over it to get in the room. We have no idea why.

Another view of the Florida room/mud room.

A----- studying.


See you guys at Thanksgiving.

Everyone have a fun weekend.



Kar said...

What a perfect little place in the mountains! I would be in heaven!

The Flying Bee said...

Great place Sue! I bet you have some fun times there.

Susan said...

Beautiful surroundings. Looks peaceful and serene. Cute friends!

The Boston Lady said...

Love the pictures! Now I know why you keep going there. Beautiful porch and I could live in that Florida room.