Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm finally here again. I was in Spokane with my oldest daughter this week and couldn't wait to take her to my mostest favorite place-Chaps!
A----- absolutely loved it.

We didn't get there until 2pm and they closed at 3pm so we were the only ones there. It was great. Celeste came down stairs and was just to sweet. She actually remembered me from being there this summer during the Farm Chick Show. Really topped off our trip.
They are putting in a bakery. It will be done be Christmas. I'm sure it will be amazing.
So if you are in Spokane you have to go to Chaps.
Celeste, thanks for making me feel so special.


blondiensc said...

I love that restaurant Sue!! Thanks for bringing back some great memories! Glad you had and your daughter had a good time!

Tracey said...

Ahh yes I remember my friend showing me pictures of that place after she went there during the Farm Chicks Show...such a cool place! So glad you had a nice trip!!!

:) T

Huset på toppen said...

In Norway,we set the clock back 1 hour from kl.03 to kl.02 night on the last sunday in october. From summertime to vintertime.Last sunday i mars,we set the clock forward again:) We do this every year:)
Lovelig restaurant, Sue
Ha a nice weekend!

The Boston Lady said...

I wanna go!!! Glad you and A had a good time.

The Flying Bee said...

I have heard so much about Chaps. It looks like a great place! Maybe I will be able to check it out one day! So glad you and your daughter got to go!