Monday, October 26, 2009


Aren't they soooo cute!

Mine is the one on the right.

These are both mine. I'm so proud! They are both good kids.

She really liked her hair.

Thanks for looking and listening.


Tracey said...

Such beautiful girls!!! Are they doing the "Charlie's Angel" pose? We used to do that one :)

:) T

Kar said...

Gorgeous! Hope they had fun. :)


Anne~fiona and twig said...

You have every right to be a proud mama, they're beautiful!
Have a great day and best of luck in my giveaway!

The Boston Lady said...

They are all so grown up!! Beautiful girls. Time is flying...

Tutti Chic said...

What beautiful, smiling girls!!! They look like they are going to have a blast. Don't the years fly by? Thank you for the lovely post on my blog-prayers are what is needed most for this soldiers family. xo chris

Millas hem said...

Nice to visit your blog!
Yes they are cute!