Thursday, August 6, 2009


Waiting is hard. I'm trying to be good about it. I can usually take a few days but it's been two weeks and now he is not coming home until next weekend. The hardest time is dinner time. I never know if my two girls will be home for what do I cook. I don't like cooking for one. I don't know how. So I eat cereal or yogurt and that doesn't work for me. Let me just tell you it's hard when you are use to doing for 5 and then it's just you. I'm a little lost. 20 and going to UCF to be an engineer! What a smarty. She moving out of her apt. today and moving home. That's ok-we are glad. I just never know when she will be here. E....17 will be a senior this year. She is an editor on the yearbook staff. She is a busy girl. A.....27 is staying in Montana for now. Things start changing fast. Vacations become difficult because they all can't go anymore-jobs, school, growing up. So, this is what blogging is so good for. I wish I had it when mine where young. I wasn't good about journaling. This is great. Well thank you for listening. It helps to write it down. I have to clean out the shed today to put K....things in storage. Oh ya, that's another thing. They come an go!
Have a great weekend! It will be here soon.

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blondiensc said...

Hi Sue, when it is just me, i make salads, I have been on a caesar salad kick, making my own croutons! It is just easy...light and then I don't have too big of a mess to clean up! Kids grow so fast, huh...sounds like you did a wonderful job with your kids..hope you are having a good week~