Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

When I saw this on the cart to be brought out I felt like everyone was looking at it. I had to wait about 30 min. for them to bring the thing out. Then I walked really fast towards it and I was sure there where a bunch of women behind me trying to get it before me. And then I took my treasure home. Yes-it's a longaberger. The large picnic. $1.91! With the liner and protector.
Happy Thursday!


Kar said...

How lucky are you! What a find for $1.91! You can't do better than that. Very pretty! :)


The Flying Bee said...

Beautiful! What a find! I can totally relate to you on feeling like everyone is looking at the same thing you are, and you are just hoping you can grab it before them! :)

Have a great weekend!