Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hiking in Glacier and Riding dirt bikes.

Hiking in Glacier. This is what I love about hiking. Us city people get to see these beautiful creatures. I know he is not that wild, but to us this is amazing.
Anyway-my husband is still in Montana. He better be back this weekend, I'm over it. When I called him yesterday I asked what are you doing. He said: I'm in the hospital getting an IV with antibiotics! He hurt his foot last week dirt bike riding-I told him to have it checked out- he did not. It's broken in about 15 places! He is 53yrs old. He is not going to die riding-he is just going to be crippled and I will have to take care of him when he is really old.
Anyway again-I'm off to a estate sale.
Have a fun day.
Sue Bee


traci said...

oh my gosh. will they ever grow up. you crack me up - you don't sound too sympathetic - i wouldn't either. boys!

Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys..well into their eighties, I think.

Pamela Jane said...

So funny! I can share the sentiment, and also guarantee that nothing changes, no learning curve on this issue. :)