Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's called a Panama Chair..

OK, here's the story....
  I saw this chair in the back room at the thrift waiting to be put on the floor.
I have to stand on my tippy toes and look over a tall shelf to see back there.

It was on the top of the pile laying on it's back.  Waiting to be priced and put on the floor.

I really couldn't tell what condition it was in or even if I would want it.
But I had a hunch..

I waited and waited and waited.  I don't want to tell you how long I waited.
You would think I was nuts for sure.
Then it went missing!  I couldn't see it anymore and it was not on the floor.
I panicked.  Asked Josh, he couldn't find it.  He thought maybe they threw it out because it was junk!!

Can you get it back Josh?  No, I'm not allowed.
My heart is racing.

I hung my head low and went to the counter to pay for the other chair and treasures.
The owner is standing there.  I always felt like he was not a nice guy.
I had to do it.
So I asked, he went in the back got it out of the trash and said I could have it for a very good price!  I have trouble telling prices because if I resell I don't know what people think.

I'm so happy this ended well.  It doesn't always.
When I was taking it out, a man stopped me and told me it was a Panama Chair.  They would put them out on the ships while they went through the Panama Canal and people would sit and watch the scenery.  He said very rare from the 40's!!
Well you know that just topped it!

Now, should I recover it or leave it as is.  You can't sit on it now but it sure looks cool.
Hope you are having a great day and find some treasures!!  I so enjoy your comments, they make my day!
Thrift'n on a Thursday


Connie (aka LOU) said...

Standing on your tippy toes? And really, how long did you wait? Your post made me laugh (again). Very cool, but I would recover it so it is functional if you are going to keep it. Looks too nice just to sit there empty.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

The things we do for a bargain! I think many of us can relate to your situation. The chair is very interesting, so glad the owner got it for you.
You've got 'hutzpa' my friend!

Jennifer @ Back at the hive said...

I would have waited too. I actually would have asked them to price it for me. :) It's beautiful. Recover it and keep it. Not only is it a wonderful piece, but it's a great story.

Ames said...

Definitely recover it and keep it as a boudoir chair. It's got a romantic backstory to it! I love it!~Ames

The Boston Lady said...

I would never call you nuts, you nut! I have never heard of a "Panama Chair", but I bet Orlando Grandma has since that's where she's from. Mr. T and I went through the Panama Canal on a freighter, so we had to sit on boxes. I picture it with an updated burlap seat! Have you looked it up online yet? Ann

Sylvia said...

How cool, I've never seen one before. Worth the wait for sure!!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, that was worth the wait! I say cover it with some great vintage tropical barkcloth!


Mimi said...

Cool chair. Love the legs. If you don't cover it, people won't try to sit on it, but it seems it deserves a little TLC after all those years.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh what a "cool" chair!!! Hop over today and grab my featured button for your have been featured at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.


Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi KarenSue,

Aren´t you a lucky girl! It´s beautiful and with a great story too!

Hugs from yours "True-ly" ;)

Karen Bates said...

What a fantastic chair and I love the history. I'm not sure I would do anything with it...maybe a plant on the seat...just sitting there, not attached.

Di said...

To cool, that is wonderful that you found much fun to get the whole story, Di@cottage-wishes