Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Sunday morning light!!

Good Sunday morning to all of you!

Aren't these the prettiest roses?!
I picked them up yesterday at Pattie Anne's Vintage Land.
A new shop just opened in Mt Dora Floirda.
Mt Dora is growing by leaps and bounds these days.
I have several friends that have the most adorable shops.
Pattie Anne's Vintage Land, lots of great vendors that you might know!!
Hoity Toity Mercantile

My Mom was a china painter.  She painted the cute dust pan here.
She has been gone almost 18 years now and I miss her so much.

I just put all this together this morning and liked it.  Isn't it funny how things come together, the light bulb goes off?!  I'm always rearranging, moving things around.  No one seems to mind.
The cute box came from When Pigs Fly.  It's a platter holder, that's why the wire is there.  I might use it for that someday.
Happy Sunday to you and thank you so much for visiting me!  It makes my day and makes me smile!


Sylvia said...

You've added sunlight to our rainy cloudy day! I wish I had talent like your mom...I'd be painting


Emily said...

Those roses are so pretty! I think I was in Pattie Anne's at the same time as you yesterday :) I would have said "Hi! if I realized it was you, but I was in one of the back rooms and just heard somebody say "Bye, Karen!" I hope that doesn't sound stalker-ish! Maybe someday we'll get to meet :)

shohshi said...

Oh, very, ver pretty. You make it look so easy to put this with that and make it look lovely. Thank you for taking care of the pups. They told me you were there just in the nick of time - lol. Hugs ~ jennifer

Sharon said...

Im not crazy about the rusty colinder in the foyer...but the rest is pretty!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your mother was a very talented painter. The dustpan is a lovely keepsake.

Bring Pretty Back said...

The pink flowers look absolutely perfect!!! Your momma was a talented lady... I do love it when all of a sudden things just come together!
Have a pretty day!

mspatty said...

It was great seeing you at Pattie Anne's Vintage Land on Opening Day! Thank you for all the wonderful photo's. Miss my mom so much it hurts and today I cried while being interviewed for a magazine at the loss of my beloved Mother in Law who was the Mayor of Mount Dora for 10 years. Today I dedicate this day and all the wonder of our opening weekend to them. Blessing to you Karen!

Sharon said...

Why dont you paint the cabinet below a beautiful shabby white???

Ruffles n Raspberries said...

I mustve missed you.. I went opening day too.. theyve really done a great job with the new store. Each room is so cute!
I love that dust pan your mom painted.. its so pretty!
Hope you have a fabulous day today :-)

Connie (aka LOU) said...

Yup, I'm working backwards. The roses are just gorgeous. Love fresh flowers, especially roses. That shelf looks like it could serve multiple purposes. Good find! Dust it. She did great work. We will never stop missing our mom's! Kinda brought a tear to my eye.

Denise said...

Love the pink roses, especially in the blue bottles. Thanks for stopping by Patty Anne's...and for all the wonderful pics. I will be doing some painting and hanging some pretty chandeliers this weekend now that I am done with the garden show....and now look forward to our Grand Opening following the arrival of our CeCe Caldwell Paints.