Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just like this one...yep I found one just like this one.  OK, so my friend, The Boston Lady, calls me and leaves me a message....Sue I went to a new thrift called Orlando Rescue Mission and they have an old dress form I thought you might like(I think she knows me well).  She warns me it's in a not so nice area.  911 W. Central in Orlando is in a pretty rough area.  So thought about it, if she could go I can go there.  As I'm driving down Central a lot of homeless and street people are hanging out in the middle of the day. I'm getting a little nervous but I see the place and pull in.  It looks fine from the outside and nice people are going in and out.  So I get out of my car and go in.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Very nice and helpful people working, meeting and greeting.  So I scan for the dress form and see it right away.  I tried not to look to excited walking over to it.  I look all over, no price tag.  I find a nice man and ask how much it is, well,  I will ask, my hopes are up!  He asks the lady behind the counter, I can see her say no and shaking her head, not for sale. Boy was I sad! I found a couple other things, all not for sale.  It was a thrift store, why would they do that to me.
Oh well, I will find another one someday.
So as I'm pulling out of the store cops are flying past me. I look over on the other side of this small lake and cops are running after someone.
I'm out of there!
Thrifting can be dangerous ya know!
I hope this isn't too long a story.
Enjoy your evening everyone!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Was it worth the trip was there a lot of good stuff?? Do you think I should give it a try? Yep that's a bad part of town. Were you one of the 9 central Fl bloggers that was going to join us this last week? To bad it was cancelled, I am so excited to meet everyone!


The Boston Lady said...

I'm not even going to say what I thought "NFS" meant, especially after your phone message to me giving me all your vital info before entering "the zone". Why, why, why won't they sell it???!?? I thought maybe you could weedle them out of it. Worth a trip I say. Turn over is supposed to be good. Next time let's go together - I'll be Cagney, you be Lacey. Ann

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

I sometimes go to a thrift store closest to me, it is wedged between two of the "fancier" towns in central Indiana. It's always really high and filled with junk. I brave my way down to Indianapolis bad areas to thrift because I get better stuff. I don't know why that is!

Rachel Noelle said...

Love your blog~Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment today~Im your newest follwer~Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Passionate for White said...

Ahhhh... the dreaded NFS strikes again. I know the feeling all too well!