Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty blogs

Little Enna English Home
This is my friend Zaira.  She lives in Italy and has the most beautiful blog.  I won a giveaway from her a while back and we became friends. That's the joy of blogging, you meet people all over the world and become friends.

I was visiting Zaira and she sent me over to meet her new friend at Le Frufru.

She is a stylist.

Absolutely took my breath away.

Look at these chairs!  Nothing matches and I love that.  My girls know, no matchy matchy!

Style Me Pretty
Correction here!!!!
Chiara is the stylist and was featured here. Cinzia Bruschini is the photographer.  This is another place I need to look through.

I have 3 girls(young women now) so someday I'm sure we will be planning a wedding.
I have been saving wedding blogs for ideas when the days come.  I know it's not my wedding but I want to be able to show them some good ideas(maybe they will use some of my ideas).

Isn't she cute?!!!  This is her Valentine shoot.

Her name is Chiara!
Look at those glasses!  I have them in brown and now I want them in black like hers.
I just spent the morning (4am-5am) looking at the photo's in her blog.  I didn't even have to read because the photo's are so beautiful.
So when you have time go to Italy and visit my friend and her friend. You won't regret it, I promise.
Enjoy your day!


Zaira said...

Thank you Sue!! So sweet of you! Chiara is the talented stylist of this shooting and Cinzia the photographer. The result is just perfect!

trash talk said...

Beautiful blogs.
BTW...did you know Anthropologie now has a wedding store?

Riviera Brides said...

So sweet of you. I like your blog. I'm a new follower, hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon

Linda said...

Always fun to find good blogs...thanks for sharing!