Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I guess I'm late.

Write it Down
Happy Valentines Day!
This header belongs to my sweet niece.
She is responsible for my headers and I love what she does. She does need to teach her Aunnie Sue how to do this.  But she is a busy girl, just go over and see all she does on her blog...Write it Down.  We went to her birthday dinner the other night and I told her she will probably be published soon.

And this is her sweet family.  Joey(my birthday buddy) Jacob and Brian(hubby).
She is a great Mom. You know, the Mom who does it all.  Room mother, event planner for the schools.
She makes a quilt a day!  Yes, she does!!!! And usually a craft a day. I don't think she sleeps at all.

Look at these cute Valentine gifts she made for the teachers and all the students.
Those are the names of the teachers and the kids in the classroom.

The kids each received this cute little pouch to keep small treasures in.
Did you know they have printable material? I guess you write something on paper and then they have material you put through your printer. I don't get it. I was proud that I figured out blogging(Kristin helped me a lot).

The teachers each got a cozy.
We bought a box of valentines and the girls wrote their name on them. Sometimes I would tape a lollipop on the back of the card. I thought that was pretty good.
I can't imagine sewing pouches for each kid.  How many are in a class?  20-25? And 2 classes! 
Oh, and she still makes a quilt a day!  Plus cooks dinner and her house is always clean.
I'm just so proud of her.
You need to go on over and see all she does.
I just had to do a little bragging about her.
So head on over and check Kristin out.
She is amazing!
Love you girl!
Aunnie Sue to you.


The Boston Lady said...

I feel very lazy in comparison, but love those valentine gifts for the teachers and classmates. Kristin is a sweetie. Ann

Kristin @ wRIte iT DOwN said...

Thank you so much Auntie Sue!!! I will make that new banner for you tomorrow I hope. Love ya! K

Linda said...

She sounds like a creative lady...fun cozies!