Sunday, February 27, 2011 we go!

The unloading and styling begins....

Setting up the tent.  That's not easy on unlevel ground..we only broke one pole and had to use cinder blocks to level the thing.

Waiting patiently to be put in their place.
Aren't they cute?

I can see something coming together slowly here.

Me, Kathy and Jim.
Jim has a space in Art Angels and is a big help and a good friend to Renee the owner of Art Angels.

This is Peggy, Kathy and Jim.
Peggy is such a sweet lady. She has 2 spots in Art Angels and another one in Sanford. I can't even imagine keeping up with all that.
She also likes to buy our stuff and that makes us happy.
This is our professional florist Karen!  She is the one who does it all at the shop.
Doing a great job!
I'm sorry it's not a very good picture. You really do need to some and see Karen, she is beautiful!!!

Renee, me, Kathy and Jim.
Renee is the best!  She is so good to us, I didn't expect to gain a good friend with this deal.

Here we are, after Kathy did her magic.
I do help a little, sometimes I even put something is a good spot and Kathy likes it!
That makes me so proud!

TA DA!!!!!
Isn't it beautiful?!!!!
I think so..

And look who showed up!!!!!!
Debbie from Vintage Soul in St Cloud Florida...I'm so honored she came to see US!!!!

Debbie has the most amazing shop.  She redoes furniture in the most beautiful Shabby way.  I showed you her shop here.  Debbie is famous you know...she has done and is doing work the Fifi of Romantic Country magazine.
Check out what she did here....
Did you look?  Isn't it beautiful?!!!!

I really think Kathy out did herself.

We picked the perfect spot.
Look at the picket fence in the back!
It was all ready there and it was only a couple feet wide.

This was suppose to be mine. Kathy shabbied it up and it was beautiful. After it sold she told me she was going to give it to me if it didn't sell. I'm sad...

My chair sold!  And it sold to Debbie, so I was happy.
If it was good enough for Debbie I guess it was good!

I love these sheers. Kathy got them at Ikea.

You just wonder why things don't sell.
This was beautiful.
I guess the right person wasn't there.

Kathy and Rachel.
Rachel is Emily's best friend and they came to help us.  What sweet girls they are.

This is one of Debbie's new aprons she designed.
I had to have it.
It's beautiful!

And another blogger friend showed up!
This is Megan of Little Blue Prints.  She is a mother of 3 boys, she brought Liam with her and what a cutie pie.  Thanks Megan for coming, I hope you liked our shop(booths are for rent ya know..hint hint). Megan is an Interier Designer and is very talented. I met her at Lake Eola Festival last fall.  Check her blog out and see for yourself!

And here are the girls!
Emily and Rachel..
Why didn't I take a picture of Emily and I?!!!(hitting my forehead)..

Look at this!  This is my little brother John.  He brought the family with him and I forgot to take their picture too.
I think my niece and nephew had fun.
Renee did!
Thanks for coming guys!!!!

A little break from all those show pictures.
Isn't he grand!!!!
My Bailey boy.

Pretty Lola B!!!
She is a year old now but I still think she is a baby...just love her..

Me and Debbie at her shop. When I first met her.
This was a surprise finding.
I had never heard of Vintage Soul in St Cloud.
I think I live in a closet sometimes.
Take a look.....

Well, I think that's enough for now.
Sandee and Jenni...thank you for coming..I should have gotten a picutre with you guys.
Connie and Debbie...thank you too!
OK, who didn't show?
Let's see:
Shari...sister, had a lame excuse. excuse that I know friend who doesn't read my blog. buddy...had a very good excuse
Ann.....another best buddy....had a very good excuse
Andrea.....another good buddy....another good excuse
Phyllis....another good and long time friend....out of town..good excuse
Kristin.....sweet niece....someone throwing up(good excuse)..

I will not call Kathy today..I will give her the day off from me calling every t
10 mins.

The rest know who you are and your conscious will tell you.
Love to all!
My feet are dirty, I'm sore and mentally tired!!!!
But Happy.
It was a great day at Flea Market Fun!!!!
We will be doing this again..


m e g a n said...

thanks so much Sue! I loved your shop. It was hard to refrain myself from buying everything there! It was great seeing you again!


Linda said...

OH this looks like so much fun! Your space looks SO fabulous...I would REALLY have loved to be there! Isn't it fun all the wonderful people you meet doing a show? I think it's one of the biggest reasons I do it!

Cat said...

Wow...your space turned out amazing!!!! I adore flea markets! And what is I see the warmth of the sun? In Wisconsin it is freezing today (with snow and everything).

Melissa said...

This post was the best part of my Sunday morning....such eye cancy! Your space is delicious....gorgeous!! Wish I could see it in person!!!! You are such a talent!

Lily Dily said...

Your space was truely a work of art!!! I thought it was just beautiful...magazine looks!!!! Good job...glad you guys had a good sale. See ya at the thrift! Linda

krys kirkpatrick said...

Not only is it pretty...but you look like your having a blast. I followed you over here from farmchicks. Can't wait for it! See you there.

The Boston Lady said...

Oh how I hate that I missed this!!! The booth looked wonderful, not to mention the beautiful ladies who put it all together. I will be stopping in this week to see what is left. Kathy your talents are boundless and Sue, you know how I admire your taste and abilities! Just fantastic! Ann