Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create

Karen at My Desert Cottage is our host!
I don't have much space.
Just one side of a bedroom.

I found the table at the thrift store for $5.00.
It's hand panted.

I like the meat grinder holding scissors.

Lola the kitty got one of my yarn balls!
I'm learning how to knit.
I buy them at the thrift for the colors.

I'm sorry this is not more organized.
But this is real.

I also keep my Etsy stuff here.

More Etsy stuff.

I have a cabin in Montana so I buy things at the thrift to take out there.
It's a challenge getting it there.

My daughter is starting to make jewelry from old jewelry and parts of other old things.
She is doing a great job.
Don't look at the green wall my daughter left behind.

I hope she keeps it up.
My space is not very pretty but it is real.
I am seeing some amazing spaces out there and I'm getting a lot of inspiration from them!
It's so much fun seeing Where Bloggers Create!
Enjoy your weekend.


Jane said...

Hi KarenSue,
I think you have a wonderful space and really utilized the space well. I just love that $5.00 table and it was genius to use the old meat grinder to hold your scissors. I saw one of those at the thrift store the other day and passed on buying I want to go back and get it.
I would love to see some of the jewelry your daughter is creating someday.
Have fun touring all the parties.

Julie Johnson said...

It is real, and it's a great space. Too funny...I had a meat grinder with scissors in it too, until I switched to a counter and was always bumping it. I'm looking forward to all these parties!

Becca said...

Hi Karen Sue, I'd love to just rummage through your stuff! hee hee. It looks like you have lots of cool things! Having one side of a room is better than none at all, I know! Oh by the way, I love the meat grinder idea! Have a great weekend. :-)

Sue said...

Loved the peek inside "your space"! And I was pretty fond of the meat grinder holding your scissors. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!

Take care, Sue

jose said...

Hi Karen Sue, thanks for visiting my blog and i like to follow you on yours.. I will add the translater as soon as i know how.

Fine weekend, Jose

Shelly said...

Sometimes I see spaces in "Where Women Create" and they are SO clean they don't even look REAL! Maybe there are such neatnik Artisans out there, but I think a bit of clutter and disorganization is PART of the creative process!
Mine truly IS tidier now that it has ever been and Karen's event did inspire me to paint/sort...I needed to do that, but as I showed and stated my main work space is an old work table,,,,,that gets covered with Glue/glitter, paper scrap and the likes,,,and if I'm in the creative "Zone" it may not get cleaned for Days,,,,,,and there is always BITs of this and that!
Thanks for sharing and honesty! Your Space is just Great and it works for YOU!!!

(And,,,yes, I'm following!)

Linda said...

Hi KarenSue~ I love all your storage ideas~ the meat grinder was so fun! I had to give up my workspace as we needed another bedroom for awhile, so all my stuff is piled everywhere! And my etsy stuff is nowhere near as neat as yours! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

I love the way you've used your space. I got lots of great ideas from you.