Monday, June 28, 2010

It's here all the way from Italy!

Zaira from Little Emma English Home had a giveaway last April and I won!
It just arrived today-June 28Th-one day after my birthday.
I think the post service put it on a row boat.
I knew it would get here.
It just made the anticipation greater!

I was so excited when I saw it sticking out of the mail box.

I can't wait to sit down and look and read each and every word.
These magazines are so beautiful
I truly get so much inspiration from them.

I always go to Barnes and Noble to get these.
I don't have this one.
I love it!

Just a peek!

So pretty!

This is a surprise!
This magazine is my all time favorite.

And a beautiful bar of pure vegetable soup from France!
Another surprise.
Thank you Zaira!


The Boston Lady said...

I fully expect to see that chicken in your yard the next time I swing by. Beautiful pics and how nice for an after-bday treat!

Susan said...

Congratulations! Anticipation is half the fun, isn't it? I love Jeanne D'Arc Living. I've never seen The English Home, but I'm certainly intrigued. I have a feeling I would fall head over heals!
And vegetable soup, all the way from Italy! teehee! WOW! JK! All I can say is, "Use the soap!" I used to save soaps because they looked so pretty and by the time I used them they'd lost their wonderful fragrance! Indulge and enjoy the gifts you receive! That's my new motto!
Have you been by to enter my little giveaway?
Hope you do!

Linda said... DID get goodies!!

Kotivalo said...

Congratulations!! Lovely magazines, lovely pics = )

Darla said...


Zaira said...

Hi Karen Sue, I'm happy you finally received it!! I'm really sorry for the inconvenients due to postage....I hope you enjoy the magazines. Also, I did not receive your mail....we really are not able to get in touch, it seems.... try once more, maybe i will receive it at last!! happy summer holidays my dear xx

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a wonderful win, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.....................................................................

Irene b said...

lovely! How lucky!
Zaira can always find the way to surprise! ;)

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

You seem to be very lucky on the giveaway-frontier.. ;) Nice magazines you´ve won. I bet the soap smells wonderful :)

Have a nice day,

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love those magazines! So many pretties! Congratulations!

Luiza said...

Sweet KarenSue,
thank´s for stopping by my blog =).

I´m crossing my fingers =).

Have a lovely day!