Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thirft Store and Garage Sale finds

Barn wood frames!
In Orlando Florida!
You don't see much of this here but you never know.

I just love the texture.

And they are all different.

I also like old metal frames and vintage dishes.
I'm not sure what the hook was for.

Sometimes I say I want all white dishes and then I come across things like this.

I think these have something to do with fishing. Maybe weights?

I hung them on the wall and put pictures up that had long string on the back so these show at the top of the picture. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures because I think it look great.
Enjoy your day.
I'm off to an estate sale that looks pretty good.


Linda said...

I love old barnwood frames. They have such character! Oh such sweet little dishes.

The Boston Lady said...

You DID do well this week. I like that hook thingy too, it must be a grappling hook of some kind. Now off to see your Etsy shop and what else you've sold.

Camera Crazy said...

My neighbor told me about an estate sale starting today in Merritt Park. Supposed to be an heir to the Folger's Coffee fortune...

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Wonderful finds. Those barn frames have so much potiential! And I love what you did with those rusty hooks. Wonderful post!

Shirley said...

I won a raffle in which the picture was framed in barnwood frame. It gives the pictures character I think. I liked the way you used the rusty hooks. Take care.

Linda said...

Great finds...I just love all the frames!

JuJu said...

You have such a great eye!

hometown girl said...

oh my goodness! those frames are amazing! have fun at the estate sale i'm off to one later this morning :) thanks for stopping by! susan

pass said...
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idémakeriet said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.
I will keep it on my mind translating my blog.
I have to look for those gadges on my side, I will put it on my to do list.
Lovely those wooden frames, I love them to.
Have a nice easter.
Hugs Gerda