Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Easter Decorating

I just liked this bunnies face.
My Mom painted these eggs a long time ago.

She has been gone for 16 years now and I just can't believe it.
I will do a post on her china painting sometime.
It's all over my house.

I think this little guy looks real.
I had to put him in a cage because my kitty kept running off with him in her mouth.
She got another one and tore it apart.

I just think he is so cute.
A little Easter Decorating.
Enjoy your day!


Joyce said...

Your Mom's hand painted eggs are beautiful. Happy Easter.

Jen Kershner said...

No Easter decorating for me this year so I will just sit here and enjoy yours.

Sanna said...

Hello KarenSue,

I love your handpainted eggs, so beautiful. A nice memory for you to have of your mother I imagine. You are right! The cute little chicken really looks like the real deal :)

The frames you´ve found are wonderful. I like your idea of putting note sheets in them.

Happy Easter,

JuJu said...

He does look so real! But even better, no little poop pellets to clean up??
I love the eggs! Can't wait to see more of those!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, it's nice to meet you!
I came by way of a comment you left on another blog...glad I did, I like your blog...and I'm your newest follower!

come by anytime to see me too when you've got a minute! I have two...but the main one is
CREATIVE Carmelina

ciao bella!!! your taylor swift music! she's cute!

The Boston Lady said...

Love those beautiful eggs. I remember you showing me your mom's handpainted china. That must be where you get your creativity from.

My cats would have had a field day with that cute little chick. Naughty felines!

Becca said...

What a nice treasure to have of your Mother's! I lost my Mom 16 yrs ago too, and I still miss her everyday. I look forward to seeing the china painting. I had to laugh when I thought of your kitty with that chick, sounds like something mine would do! Too cute!

Susan said...

Your mother's china eggs are SO beautiful. I'll look forward to your post telling about them. That little chick is indeed the closest thing to real!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!

Shirley said...

Your mom's china eggs are beautiful. I do hope that you will post some of her other paintings. I admire someone who has that talent. Your chick looks so real and I can feature the cat carrying it off. Take care and Have a wonderful Easter.

Linda said...

So sweet...I just love your mom's eggs! It's wonderful to have special family pieces for holidays!

Anonymous said...

i think i'm now addicted to your blog - oh no! LOL. I see time being zapped away from my day ;) i love it - and I HAVE TO KNOW what thrift store you go to? Is it near Maitland? I have 3 or 4 that i frequent but you're getting some really GOOD stuff!