Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Since I don't have a booth anymore and don't sell my finds I have to be so careful what I buy.  There are a few things I just can't walk away from.  This is one of those things.

Vintage bottle brush Christmas trees.  

I know they make pretty good new ones that look old but I try to get only the real old one.  This helps keep my buying down.  

I could tell these were old because of the little stand and one still has the old sticker on it.

I haven't pulled out my Christmas decorations so these guys are out by themselves.  This is the first year we will be in Montana for Christmas so there won't be much decorating here in Florida this year.  I will do some for my friend that will be staying here with Archie, Lola B and Wesley.  It's so hard leaving them for such a long time.  Archie doesn't do well when I don't come home.

So this is why I go to the thrift store everyday.  You have to to get the good stuff!!
They cost me a big $1.91 each!!
See I'm trying to blog more!
Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting me.


Anita said...

I can't pass one of thee by either.

The Boston Lady said...

You are blogging again!!! It's almost like getting a visit from you! Save me some time in Feb, I will be in Orlando then! Ann