Monday, November 17, 2014

Around the House today...

So to keep up my blogging I thought I would take a few photo's around the house.  I think I'm pretty good at buying but then I'm not very good at displaying them.

Sometimes I just put too much in one spot.  My Mom painted the plate, she was really getting good before she past away.  I always say I would have her locked in a room painting roses on everything if she were still here.

I bought the truck from my friend Susie Tross, it's one of my favorites!

I guess it's time to throw the pumpkins away.

My favorite candle from Anthropologie, volcano.

The story about the roosters is, I found one at the thrift and went back the next week and found the other!  I was so surprised no one else had gotten it.  Very heavy!

Outside the front door.  I love drying sunflowers, it's so easy.

I painted my Longaberger basket!  I think it's a sin...
I need to stencil Mail on it.

Love the color of this pumpkin but it's time to throw it away.

Thanks for the chair Kathy Bogan!  You know I love it!

My Christmas cactus keeps blooming every year.

Sneaking in a little Christmas here.

Hope you liked my photos!
The weather around the country has been crazy.  We were doing pretty good until today, we are under a tornado watch!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I'm excited!
Thanks for visiting me!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lots of beautiful eye candy...and you definitely have a gift for gathering and display!

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One Shabby Old House said...

How nice to meet you and to think that we probably know some of the same people. I love Adjectives and I can see from your lovely post that we enjoy so many of the same things. Thanks for stopping by my blog and who knows maybe one day we will run in to each other at Robyn's. We will have to stay in touch and just make that happen. Have a wonderful day.