Monday, October 8, 2012

Trying to get the fall feeling..

Love my new pumpkins.
I didn't want orange this year.

I like my old work boots.
Old and mildewy.....ewwwww.
We might get some fall wether this week!!  Yaaa hooo!!
I'm ready.
Hope you are enjoying your fall weather.


Mary said...

Those white pumpkins are so much fun...with old boots. cute.

STORIES Photography said...

I found you over at savvycityfarmer (she's my sister) and loved, loved, loved, your farm wedding story(ies) So nice to meet you.

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Like the boots. As long as they stay outside - no problem, hehe ;) It´s hard to find white pumpkins at that size here. I might have to grow my own some day...


See who´s doing the catching up now..?? ;)

Jamie said...

Love the boots and pumpkins. I decided to decorate with orange pumpkins but have thrown in the white and the lovely blue/green ones! Jamie V in MT

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, we are finally getting fall temps and it is lovely. Here they have "fairytale" pumpkins! I had never seen them before. And lots of white, bumpy ones too. Hug! Ann

Sylvia said...

Love those white pumpkins too...are you getting ready for Fancy Flea? 3 weeks away right??? Yikes...better get my butt in gear..haha