Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boy, have I missed you guys!!!

I have been in Montana for 2 weeks.  It was great but it's good to be home.  I don't have a computer so no blogging.
I missed you so much.

So I thought I would tell you who comes to visit me.
See the one antler?  He was by himself all the time.
I wish they all would get along.

Sweet face.  I would talk to them from the front porch so they would get use to me.

This is the time my sweet sweet boy left me.  I wanted to remember where I was and what the day was like.

I miss you so much.  I keep feeling you around me.

The moment he was gone....
My heart went with him..

For some crazy reason I couldn't delete pictures.
This lady was walking across the road with the family who was already in the woods.
That is a canola field, the most beautiful golden yellow.

This is my favorite plant nursery in Columbia Falls Montana.

She put pallets on the side of the building and filled them with all kinds of flowers.

Great idea!!

I want an old truck!!

Isn't it awesome?!

I wanted to show you my friend Anita's roses.  She has 2 green thumbs!!

If you are near Somers Montana you have to go visit her.  Her home is her shop Vintiquities!!
The best antiques, shabby, eclectic junk in Montana...
The view of Flathead Lake is amazing!!

This guy was in my yard yelling at me.

Montana's bugs are big, the flies are huge!!

I have one hummingbird.

It was me and my brother-in-law.  My hubby couldn't get away this time. 
This is The Lake McDonald Lodge.

Just one of the mountains to be hiked....not!!

Lake McDonald..
These boats are still in use.

Inside the lodge.  I would love to see one in the wild.
We decided to hike Mt Brown.  I didn't get very far.  This doesn't look like it but it's quite steep.

The lodge area has a lot to offer within walking distance.

These guys where coming down the mountain.

So cool.

Sightseeing buses to take you to Going to the Sun Road.

The tour bus to take you from Florida to Montana!!
That would be some crazy ride!!
I have more but you know how blogger is.
Enjoy your weekend my friends!!


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Shirley said...

Hi Sue Bee, I enjoyed your post tonight. It made me feel that I was right there with you. It looked a lot cooler there then what we have been. I always like see the wild animals. We use to be able to watch the deer out my kitchen window until all of the housing development got built up around us. I like the way the flowers were being grown. Have a great weekend. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.