Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeanne d' Arc Living stockings!

My new beautiful friend Ruth at The beautiful Life had a sale!
These beautiful Jeanne d' Arc Living stockings went from 39.00 to 19.99!
I have been wanting some new stockings, my hubby and I really didn't even have one. So when I saw these on sale I was on it.

Aren't they so beautiful?!!

I love them!

Oh, did I show you these beautiful rusty candle/stocking holders I bought from my shop Art Angels?
They have been there ever since we moved in over a year ago.

The vendor had $35.00 for both of these with 30% off.
 I watched them for a year, I really thought $35.00 for both was pretty good and almost bought them a few times. 
The sale did it for me.
I do need a mantel..

Oh and remember my collection of little vintage ornaments?

They are growing, my best buddy/partner Chic gave me a dozen in a cute egg carton.

I think they are so pretty.


Hope you are enjoying your week and getting lots done!!




A Few Pennies said...

Pretty decorations! Those stockings are so lovely--I love your painting on the wall too--it loves like a beautiful vintage paint-by-number (I'm totally in love with those).

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Oooh, the rusty stocking holders are so cool and I love the candle holder feature in the, too. Your wee vintage ornaments look great!

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh I am loving those stockings!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

The stockings are perfect...and a deal at that! My stockings are still in my head...they may or may not get done this year.

I just love your pretty colored Christmas balls..makes me want some color for my decor (well, maybe next year!)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

The stockings are so pretty! Great deal you got. The stocking holders are fun and unusual (to me) I like them! What a great (and chic hehe) friend you have, giving you those vintage ornaments..

Have a great weekend!
-and now we are FB buddies!! I´m so glad you asked :)


Linda said...

Your home looks so lovely, Sue! You got a great deal on the stockings and they are perfect with the rusty bows!

Jamie said...

Beautiful decorations. I love the stockings! Jamie V in MT

SIMONA said...

hi..good monrning.. you know that i love candles and holders.and your in the picture is fantastic...really!!!! and your three is a little vintage..but i love it....i wait you soon..and thanks for your daily visit..i'm very plesure to receceive it...manu kisses

Diann said...

Everything is so pretty and those stockings are gorgeous! Thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful ay!