Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting the Christmas tree done and more!!

Just a few of my boxes and I have more.

I think this year I'm just going to put the vintage ornaments on the tree.

Maybe I will count them this year.  They are getting harder to find.

I'm trying to put at least 2 on every branch, it's not easy.

These are my favorite kind.

I found this huge glass vase at the thrift yesterday.
I want to fill it with these little vintage ornaments, this is all I have so I'm on a mission to find more.

I also found this pretty vintage table cloth.  I will save this to put in the booth in the spring, I'll wash and iron it.

I love the colors.

I bought this cute little tree at Renningers

And here's our sweet little Jack.
For being less then 2 years old he is very good, almost like an old man.

Bailey's doing pretty well, you know he has cancer, we decided not to tell him so he won't worry.

Merry Christmas!
This is my banner from Anthropologie, I love it!


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I was going to link with Leigh but she hasn't set it up yet, I will check later. 
Hope you enjoyed your day today.


Passionate for White said...

I have never seen so many ornaments on a tree....looks GREAT! Must have taken a long time!

Susan S. said...

What a great Blog! I'm glad I happened in. :) Your tree is gorgeous. I love all the Vintage ornaments...and you really do have a great collection. It's even have the BOXES! I'm adding my self as your newest follower. PS: Your Pups are precious! Merry CHRISTmas!

The Boston Lady said...

You have done a lot since I last checked in! That nun is the best! I will keep my eye open for those tiny vintage balls - remember I'm going to that guy's sale on Sat! And others too probably.... See what you have turned me into? And I'm grateful. Ann {{Bailey}}

Ames said...

I'm doing my tree in vintage ornaments too. Yours is beautiful! I went to the Goodwill store Tuesday and bought a shoe box full of vintage ornies. Some feather tree ornaments , a glass beaded German onament, and lots of old Shiney Brights. They are beautiful and bring back wonderful memories.

I am so sorry to hear about Baily having Cancer. I will say a prayer for him, so that he doesn't suffer. ~Ames

shohshi said...

I LOVE your tree - it's gorgeous! Jack is so cute and Bailey is so handsome. I am so sad about Bailey. Give him lots of kisses and belly rubs from me - please.

hugs ~ jennifer

m e g a n said...

I love vintage ornaments! My hubby's aunt collected them and had boxes of them. For some reason they were piled up in the garage I guess near the garbage and her husband thought they were for the trash so he tossed them. 100's of them that she had been collecting for years! So don't leave you're near the trash! lol.


Vicki said...

Your tree looks amazing! Poor Bailey. So glad you decided not to worry him.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Wow....what great ornaments you have! Absolutely fabulous....

Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

Wow! Magnificent! You have so many cute vintage ornaments - and more??!! The tree will look absolutely fantastic when you´re done with it. So the trick is to wrap every branch with lighting to get that nice glow... Never thought of that. I fear that my tree will end up naked with no needles left on it, if I attempt the same thing. Swedish trees are so weak.. LOL!

Have a nice day my friend,

Melissa said...

Hi Sue Bee! I found your blog and I can tell we would be friends for sure! I love your style and I love your vintage ornaments! I have a nice collection of them myself. Are you a vendor for the Farm Chicks Show? That is the very first blog/FB page I found and the seed that got me wanting to do this. I had no idea there was a market for vintage unless you had a shop somewhere, and then I found all of you! My step mom (Red Hen) and I are road tripping to the Fram Chicks show and it is a long term goal of mine to be a vendor there one day. Vintage Whites Market is my short term goal and I'm signed up already! Looks like our junkin hearts will lead our paths to cross eventually, thats so fun! Your new friend(you know thats how we roll in MT, we're friends now!) Melissa