Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lamp day at the Thrift and some Art Angels....

It's funny how things come out at the Thrift Store.  It must be vintage lamp week this week.

I found 3 lamps but only had enough for 1, so I had them write the 2 up and you get 1 hour to pay for it. 

So off I go.  I'm starving, my fuel light is on in the car and I have to go to the bank.

I go home to eat then to the bank and the gas station.

It took me 1hr and 20 min.  I walk in and look for the lamps, they are gone!
Someone is at the counter getting ready to pay for them.  They are looking up the ticket to see of the time was over.  I pulled out my ticket and ran up to the counter.  Lucky for me they gave them to me.  It was a little more dramatic then it sounds.

This is the one I bought first.

I love the finial.

So pretty.

OK, now just a few(a lot) pictures of Chic & Shabby and Art Angels.

First I will show you Chic & Shabby.

Are not these the cutest thing you ever saw.  Chic's daughter is making them.

They are flying out the door everyday!

These are my favorite.

And now more vendors at Art Angles

Some ASCP here!

I want this.

I hope if you are in the area you can come visit us.
Art Angels
5515 S Orange Ave
Orlando Florida 32809

Thanks for being here...


Sylvia said...

Love all those booths, I clearly have to add more to my room! The pumpkins are super cute, she's doing a great job!


centerofgravity said...

Well, that explains why there wasn't anything at the Thrift went I went yesterday afternoon. :-)Love the lamps. And, the pumpkins. How clever.

Denise @ The Rusty Gate said...

love the pumpkins, too, and all the Fall decorations...I can't wait to get back!...I want to look at that music sheet table that Kathy made!

The Boston Lady said...

Ii love the shades on those lamps! You seem to be destined for great lamps lately! I wish I had been there to see you "work your magic" to get them to sell those to you. Who knew they would be so strict with the time. Now we have Thrift Drama. The shop looks terrific and I wish more people could see it in person. Chic's daughters pumpkins are darling. She obviously takes after her mom! Or her Aunt Shabby. Ann

rachel@Acts of Life said...

WOW!! I am on sensory overload looking at all of that. There was so much great stuff in your pics. I wish I was a little closer so I could come check it all out. Looks fabulous!

Rachel :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Sue, I bet that was a lot of drama at the thrift! The lamps are gorgeous! You have made such a good use of space, I would love if after lunch tomorrow you would look at my space and give me some advice on using space.


Christy@Art Angels said...

Great photos, Sue. Can't wait for the Open House on Thursday.