Friday, October 1, 2010

Just some things I would like to show you

This is a bunch of treasures I have around my house and other things.

My long time friend gave me this scale, it was her grandmothers.

I won this scale in a giveaway!

I love white enamel!

I found these place mats at Goodwill, there was only 4 and I'm looking for at least 2 more.

These rocks came in the large glass jar. I didn't realize the had a pretty smell until I pulled them out.
I think the rocks are fake but I like the way they look.

This is above my piano that no one in my house can play.
I change this a lot.
The barn wood frame has pages from an old song book.
My Mom painted the little night light.
I have a lot of things she did.
She has been gone 16 years now.

I love old books!
The yellow one is a 1952 French dictionary.

Me and my beautiful girls!
I'm so proud of all of them.
They are very different.

A star fruit from the house next doors tree.
I tried one for the first time.
Very fresh tasting.

I love this green jar. I had never seen one before.

I'm into funnels and old silver tops.
Why? I don't know.

Kathy and I found this last week in someones trash while we were out junking.
Not sure what I will do with it, maybe chicken wire.
Have any ideas?
Let me know.
Enjoy your day blogging friends!


Jennifer said...

All your treasures are wonderful and the door is totally cool. Where do you plan to put it? Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Darla said...

I love all of this Karen. Chicken wire with moss and some sedum for the garden. Paint it and hang it in your home??? the possibilities are endless.

The Boston Lady said...

What is that window on your piano? That is beautiful. Take me junking, please........ I will take you to Winter Garden in return. MISSY!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love looking at your treasures. It's such an eclectic mix. I love the little light our Mom painted, very sweet and so special. Can't wait to see what you do with the screen door.

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

I love everything you´re showing! Especially the enamelware, scales and the tin box. These items have a very Swedish feel to it. I also love your barn wood frame. I remember you showing it to us in a previous post. I adore it :)

The photo with you and the girls - just lovely! Hope you find a place for the door. I like your idea with chicken wire. Maybe a memo board? Oh, and Darla (above) have a very interesting idea too ;)

Hope you are having a fun friday. We are about to enjoy our dinner now. It´s past eight in the evening here now, so a little late, oh well.. it´s friday isn´t it?