Friday, October 29, 2010


OK I'm learning about Craigslist. I was so excited that I could post about my new booth so I went a little crazy and posted all over Craigslist.  Well I guess there are people out there that don't like that.  Why????
I think there is room for all of us. Are they jealous? Is my little booth that much competition?

This photo has nothing to do with Craigslist, I just liked it.

OK, something else. I switched over to the new posting way and I'm not sure I like it. I'm trying to be better about change because change is good. Well, it doesn't like the word Craigslist and won't let me keep it as is, I did try.

I have another question. How do you get people to come to your shop?  The Antique Market my booth is in is new to the area. A stand along building that is a destination shop.  They did move to this location after 15 years downtown, about 5 miles from the new location, so they so have a following. But we need to get new people in there. I think it's great with something for everyone.

Anyway now I can't post another picture, so I think I will stop.
Enjoy your Friday and don't forget to fall back!  Ya Ho! An extra hour this weekend and we finally are cooling of a little, 5 days of 91 degrees. It should only get up to about 83 today, a cold front is here!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well good luck with your shop. I love that picture you posted also. Craigslist people can get so picky! Have a great weekend!


The Boston Lady said...

I don't understand the hoopla with Craigslist! What exactly happened? If you get chilly this weekend I have two kittens who need a home - the people who were going to take them backed out. You know I'm kidding. AND I had to take my adsense ads down because the political ads started popping up again! Don't like that at all. Brrrrrrr. 80s. I think Art Angels needs to have a well publicized Open House and perhaps a billboard at the intersection of Michigan and Orange. Also if they could get a feature writer from the paper to do a story on them it would be free advertising...

Linda said...

I've used Craigslist to advertise my home sales, but never for a booth or space at a sale, I never thought of doing that. What were they objecting to?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I was in a magazine in September and I just left a quick email for the Orlando Sentinel style editor. She immediately emailed me and said i would love to do a story! She came to my house took tons of pictures and asked a lot of questions. I told her I had an online store and a booth at Orange Tree Antiques and she put that in the story. Well, as soon as she did, my antiques booth went crazy. All sorts of people came in asking about it. If you would like her info let me know.