Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm home from sweet Montana!

We did a fast trip to Montana! I worked for US Airways for 20 years so I do get flying benefits and we took advantage of it. It's not as easy as it sounds. Standby is not fun. But this time it worked for us.
The weather was cool and sunny the first 2 days and then cool and rainy the last and I loved it.
Got to visit our wonderful friends.
If they read this I want them all to know how much I enjoy them, all of you!
For a 3 day trip I have so much to say. I know this is a winter picture of the house but I can't figure out what my hubby did to my pictures so I'm having trouble downloading pictures.
As soon as I get the picture thing figured out I will be posting.
Enjoy your week everyone. You are all special to me.


Kristin @ wRIte iT DOwN said...

Yea! You're home!!! Glad you arrived safe and sound, I will see ya soon! K

Kathy said...

I missed u!!! So glad you're back in O-town!

Sanna said...

Didn´t realize you´ve been away. Nice to be able to take a trip - and have those benefits!

Looking forward seeing your pics.

Have a great day,

Kotivalo said...

My daughter is working for Emirates and I think I´m going to enjoy benefits next month. 1 week in Dubai, maybe = )

Ellen said...

Yeah!! You're home at last! I was wondering what happened to you. So glad you were out of town having fun and enjoying life! You were sooo missed! Have a great day and see ya soon!


The Boston Lady said...

Yahoo. U R back! It doesn't matter if that is a winter pic. Montana doesn't take any bad pictures... But I do want to see what u saw.