Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We didn't have time to eat at Chaps but we did get to stop for a few minutes because I wanted to see the new Cakes.

I went inside to look around and bought some wonderful cookies for the 4 hour drive to Lakeside Montana.

I'm so shy about taking pictures. I need to get over that.
Remember when Serena called out to blog land to send in old pictures of cakes. I sent in a picture of me in 1954 with my 1st birthday cake and was wondering if they did anything with it. Celeste was busy upstairs and I couldn't wait. I'm sure she would have been happy to tell me. She is so sweet. I have met her twice and she remembered me.
So if you are in Spokane you need to try to stop at Chaps. It's very easy to get there from the airport.

I'm off to work.
Everyone have themself a wonderful Wednesday!
Love my Blog friends!


Daydream Living said...

I hope you too have a lovely Wednesday!
Gotta go now, hugs,

Ellen said...

Hi ya' Sue Bee!!
Gosh, long time... I just had to spend some time catching up with you. I love your booth!! I want to go shop in your store, it has loads of amazing finds! Also wanted to ask how is little Jack and his recovery coming along? Hope you have had a wonderful day, see you soon!


Tatum said...

Hi there Karen Sue! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love meeting new people in blogland and I also love the fact that after a year you still have the enthusiasm! I'm sure I will too, it's just so fun and therapeutic. I loved the comment that you made on my post "I make myself crazy picking colors and then go back to tan." It's so easy to go back to tan which is pretty much what we did when we kept failing at using color lol. We are learning however that the color can come from accessories!

It's midnight now so I do hope that you have a fabulous Thursday.

Talk soon :-)

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

I have seen photos of Chaps from other blogs and I just think it´s lovely!

Wishing you a wonderful day,