Sunday, August 22, 2010

A very good friend!

This is my friend, her daughter and mine became friends in kindergarten and now they are 21 yrs old! It's hard to believe we have known each other this long. What's is really funny is we almost bought the house right next to her 18 yrs ago, then we would have been friends longer.
She went to my little shop and took pictures and did a wonderful post about it.
Check it out!

See the horse shoe in the back there?
It's there for good luck and I'm sure it's working because things are selling.
So thank you TBL for the shout out and being such a good friend.


JuJu said...

Oh, what a lovely post about your store! And, the pictures are beautiful. I know you must be so happy to be up and running. Congrats to you!!

Have a great Sunday!

Sharon said...

I never got hot tea served like that at your house!!! LOL

Ellen said...

How amazingly thoughtful! I love what she wrote about your booth, which I am loving by the way! The booth looks beautiful, wish I could shop there! Hey, how's little Jack doing? When I see my Tuffy trotting around here, I can't help but to think of Jack, hope his recovery is going well. Have a wonderful Sunday and Congratulations on the highlight post from your friend and your lovely booth too.


kheaney said...

Love the pictures of your shop! I am so glad it is doing well, that horseshoe is great!

What a nice post :D

I will have to stop by soon. Kristin

The Boston Lady said...

Well! Just think of the trouble we would have gotten ourselves into if you had bought that house next door! I would have learned about this other world - thrifting/junking, etc, my decorating skills would be much more advanced and we could have thrown some really great parties!!! I wish you the best of luck in sharing your passion with the rest of us slow learners. And hey, I gained 2, count them, 2 new followers, which I totally give you credit for.

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Nice to have friends like that. Lovely post! What a cute entrance to the market.

Have a nice day,

Daydream Living said...

Hi KarenSue!
Thank you so much for following me! I just had a quick look at your blog and I really like what you do! I'll be following you too, and before I forget, are those your photo's on tublr, susiebee? Because, Wow! Love them very much! And did I read correct, you have a store?
Happy that we've met,
Have a good Monday!
Maureen xx