Monday, August 23, 2010

Jack update

Here he is with his Mom and a full leg cast.
He's not allowed to walk or jump around at all, only to go potty.
She is doing a great job taking care of him, the only time she is not with him is when she goes to work and then her sister takes just as good care of Jack.
The vet said a break would have been easier to heal then this.
This is Jack when she first brought him home.
Can you stand that little face!
He really is a sweetie pie.
Jack will be fine!
Thanks for all the concerns.
Enjoy your day my friends!


Daydream Living said...

Hi KarenSue!
Indeed, wonderful world of blogging brings people together, oceans or not! Love Florida, been there two years ago and we had a lovely holiday! The photo on your post from friday 13th, with the flowers, I clicked on the photo credit and I came to a site on tumblr. That isn't yours? The name is almost similar. Anyway, good choice to post it!
Have a good day!

Daydream Living said...

Oh, I forget to give little Jack a kiss, mwoah! Hope he will feel better soon so he can do what dogs love best, running around!


The Boston Lady said...

If I had seen that sweet face I would have taken him home with me too! Get better soon Jack!

Ellen said...

Thanks for the update, Tuffy was wondering too ;) What an adorable little face! Take care Jack!


trash talk said...

Oh have stolen my heart!

Sanna said...

Oh poor sweet thing! Can´t be easy for him - not jumping or moving around.

Your daughter look so much like you!

Have a great day,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

He's a doll!
She's a doll!
Poor little fella!

Lolo said...

Oh what a sweetie!! Poor lil guy...I think he is more embarrassed about being shaved! Thanks for visiting my blog - and for the congratulations! I AM a lucky gal!!