Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm back!! maybe...

Blogger let me post pictures!!
So I thought I would show you my Christmas decorations before they cut me off again.

I tried to make it simpler this year, for me this is simple.
Am I a terrible mother because I didn't put any of my girls ornaments on the tree?
Nobody helps me decorate anymore so I don't think they even know.


I have about 300 vintage ornaments, I can't stop.
They are getting harder to find, especially for a good price.

This truck is very small, I didn't even realize it said Highway Construction on it until I looked at this picture...

Lola B loves the tree, we keep finding her sleeping under it.

I found this amazing wreath at a thrift store for $1.00!

I finally found an old rusty crusty dump truck and the best part is I bought it from a blogging friend!!!
Susie Toss of From My Home to Yours...
You can fine her in Lily Lace in Winter Park Florida.

I don't usually buy from the big stores, but I really liked this pillow from Potterybarn.

My friend Anita in Montana made the wreath and the Christmas tree.
She is one talented lady.
Her shop is Vintiquities in Somers Montana, right on highway 93 with the most beautiful view of Flathead Lake.

My front door display.

This is before I put the ornaments and vintage garland on the tree, I kind of like it just like this.

Merry Christmas to you!
Have you finished shopping?  Not me, I'm never done early.
I better get going today.
Have a great weekend blogger friends


Di said...

I love that little truck. I have a tractor that I got at Cranberry Corners and love the look. I have been trying to find a pick up truck but no luck. Your vingettes are lovely, glad you are back! Di

Kathy said...

Simply stunning!!! Definitely a Vintage Christmas~ love seeing your collections grow! I'll be hitting the shopping next week HARD!!! Never been this far behind, but hey, I work better under pressure! Teehee!
Love you!

Kathy said...
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Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I'm so glad to see you're back! I've thought of you often this week and hoped you'd find a solution to your blog disaster.

Your home looks lovely decorated for Christmas! I'm especially loving your thrift store wreath!!!

If you have a chance, stop by this week and sign up for my giveaway! I hope to get the post up by tomorrow night at the very latest.

centerofgravity said...

Hey, I think I recognze some of those old vintage ornaments! :-) They do look pretty on your tree and I'm so glad that it is a real tree. I just love real trees. You're right the tree even looks pretty without the ornaments with just the white lights. Have a Merry Christmas. CG

shohshi said...

Gorgeous! Not just the decorations, but the way you've put everything together! Lovely! hugs ~ jennifer

The Boston Lady said...

Your pictures look lovely, Sue! And Yay! You are back! Your living room looks wonderful with the new covers and all the decorations. It makes me a bit homesick! Nope! Hardly done shopping. I'm lucky I know what day it is most days out here... Ann

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Awesome tree....and my what lovely bobbles you have my dear! So glad you love the truck...I've been obsessed with them this season, and finally found 'the one' I want to keep!

So now it looks like you are finished....hummmm...I could use some help! hehe


Shirley said...

Hi Sue, I enjoyed your post tonight and yes, I am finished Christmas shopping. I finished today with my daughter and son-in-law's help. She even helped me wrap them. I left them at her house as that is where I will be Christmas Eve Day. I don't know if we will be able to bring hubby out of the nursing home for the day or we will be taking Christmas to him. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Vicki said...

I'm so glad your pics are back. I really love it all. That truck and your front porch display are so fun. Can't believe that wreath was $1. Love all your vintage ornies. Have a great week and get that shopping done!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It looks fabulous,I don't have any decorations up yet!! I agree, it is more difficult to find vintage ornaments, you used to be able to find them all the time.