Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WOW! What a wedding!!

I have been out of town, at an amazing wedding in Montana. 

Amy and Doug's wedding.

Being my first Jewish wedding, I had no idea what to expect.
Amy's Dad made the hoopa in the barn.

The first day I got there Phyllis put me to work helping her make the welcome bags.
It's not as easy as you might think!!  If it's a single person you put one of some of the things and if it's two people you put two of some of the things.  Don't talk while filling the bags because you forget if it's for one or two and if you stop for one second you forget what you have already put in the bag so you have to take things out and check.
Also, you had to keep them in order and there were seperate piles for different hotel's they had to be delivered to. 
But we did it and it was fun.

On Thursday we headed out to "the ranch", Green Valley Ranch just outside Glacier National Park, Montana.
I GOT TO STAY HERE!!!  It's a private home the owners rent out for events, over 400 acres of beautiful views.
This is going to take a few posts for me to show you all I have to show you, I hope you stick with me for a few days.

This is where family and friends staying at the ranch gathered each day.
It really felt like a home.

This is upstairs in the master bedroom loft area.  Family photo's all through the home really made it feel comfortable.

It wasn't cool enough to use the outside fire place but I can just imagine being out there with lots of warm blankets and a big beautiful fire roaring.

The reception tent was already set up when we got there Thursday. 

Past the tent the log benches were set up for the service.

Wave to Phyllis!!

The brides family stayed at the ranch.  They came from all over, Alaska, Texas, Washington DC.
I'll tell you later where the groom's family stayed..

We had babies staying with us.

Dale(father of the bride) bringing in Amy's dress.

Morning at the ranch, lots of coffee.

It's like a dream now...

Hoopa's up waiting to be dressed for the wonderful event.

This area was called the Market Place or the cocktail hour.
Hello Nancy!!

Before transformation...
amazing what they did!!

This was on the property to explore, the caretaker's kids use this!!

Why we were there!!

Silly girls..

Amy was a hands on girl(in the pink shirt).
The wedding was scheduled for 5pm so she spent the whole day making sure everything was perfect.  Calm and collected

Flowers arrived

Hummmm...we could have put these girls to work.

I need to get this posted.  I'm sorry it's take this long to get this going, I have so much more to show you.
Thank you Doug and Amy for inviting me to your wonderful wedding.
It was joyous and soooo much fun!!
Let's do it again!!
to be continued.....


Renae said...

magnificent photos of a major event and major project. Montana is a great place for natural beauty. marvelous.

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Sue,

Wow! Can´t wait to see the rest! I know it´s going to be good! The dining area is so beautiful, it took my breath away. The ranch and the surroundings are stunning!


The Boston Lady said...

How great it was to see your blog pop up at the top of my blog roll! I teared up when I saw your header! THEN all the beauty and goodness that this wedding and days surrounding it were. Beautiful! Did you get lots of good ideas??? Miss you. All of you. You know who YOU are! Ann

Gail Peck said...

Make the photos extra large Sue--my eyes are too old to see all the wonderful details!! This looks like so much fun.

The Country Mouse said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Beautiful!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Can't wait to see more!!

Kathy said...

My heart is racing looking at the beautiful wedding pictures. You did an AWESOME job and so many wonderful ideas!:) Looking soooo forward to the next post~ be still my heart!!!!!!!