Sunday, November 6, 2011

The count down begins!! Fancy Flea here we come!

I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time.
How do I get there with all this stuff, unload, put the tent up, set up all before 9am?!  Driving from Orlando about 45 minutes away!  What if it rains?!  I can't drive with a trailer behind me. It's to expensive to rent a truck.  What if I forget something really important like ummm I don't know..
I'm scared!!
But I'm also so excited!
Fancy Flea this Saturday November 12th 9am to 4pm
Just like the blurry sign says(unless it's my eyes).
Chic and Shabby booth number 65, right next to Paris Rags and Art Angels!!!
Please say hello.
Oh, and it's also my 40th, yes I said 40th, high school reunion.  Friday night and Saturday night.  I was on the committee but I had to quit that.  I think I will be dead Sunday, but a good dead!
Hope you are enjoying your fall back Sunday today!
Hope to see and meet you next Saturday!


Kathy Bogan said...

As you always tell me....just breathe! We're gonna ROCk at Fancy Flea~ soooo excited to spend the day with my wonderful gal friends!!!! Now let's get busy, we got LOTS to do~ love ya! p.s. yesterday was awesome!!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Sue, You can craft at my house anytime you want!! I'm trying to make it next Saturday!


The Boston Lady said...

Sue I am so excited about next Saturday! I know it's going to be 50x what this weekend was. Yeehaw! Bring it on! Ann And yes, just breathe!

Linda said...

Hope this weekend's flea went well! Looking forward to hearing about your next flea adventure, too!

Denise @ The Rusty Gate said...

How was Saturday? I am soo behind and couldn't justify getting away from all this. Only focus on the positive...everything else will fall into place. It's going to be fun...and there will be plenty of us there in case you forget....uh, whatever it is that you might forget! lol See you in the dark on Saturday morning!!!

m e g a n said...

not sure if I'll be able to make it but have fun!!! Lake Eola went great! Even the rain didn't stop people from coming out... hope it goes the same for you!!!


Sanna said...

You will be just fine! Everything will be OK. And if you forget something - it´s not the end of the world :)

I wish you a happy time and good luck!


Tammy's Vintage Finds said...

Sue, you will be fine! Just take a good friend or two to help that loves it as much as you do. If I can pull a 9x12 trailer 1000 miles from Indiana to Texas, you can do it too! I was frightened at first, but it's not as hard as it may seem. I promise! Go get em' girl!!!

SIMONA said...

hi Sue... my english is not perfect co sorry in advancei f i made some error... after that i'm very glad to recive your are kindly!!! if you desiire to receve some magazine from italy i can buy them for you after that i can send by me when you need!!!ok kisses

shohshi said...

Y'all will be great! I can already see your after-FancyFlea post: We had so much fun!
Margie and I will see you Saturday.
hugs ~ jennifer

shohshi said...

Y'all will be great! I can already see your after-FancyFlea post: We had so much fun!
Margie and I will see you Saturday.
hugs ~ jennifer

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Sue!
I am looking forward to meeting you in person at the Fancy Flea! It looks like it will a wonderful event!!

Connie said...

Hi, I had to smile when I read this post as you and I are in the same boat. I am a first timer also to the Fancy Flea and I have the same concerns as you do especially since I am not an early morning person. I will be coming from Lake Wales which is probably about 45 minutes away also. If you forget somethng just come to booths 94 a, b, and c and you can borrow stuff from me and my friend Paula. Hello in advance and good luck to you.

Simply Me said...

It was a blast!! Had so much fun!! I love the dress, its a Beauty !! Your booth was Awesome !!

Betty Sneeringer said...

I am your latest follower. I saw your comment at The Rusty Rooster and realized you are another Florida girl. I live near Oviedo. And blogged about A Great Day, also. Good Luck in Lakeland!