Monday, November 8, 2010

I ordered twine, that's all!

I ordered prairie jute twine from Kristin at Faded Prairie.
(sorry the picture didn't turn out very good)

This is what it looked like in the picture on her Etsy.  Pretty simple, right?
 And this is what I received!  What a deal for me, look at all the cute extras she sent me and she doesn't even know me!
 This sweet number 2 it's made from music paper, I just love it.
 And the letter k for Kristin-no I think it's for KarenSue!
And look how pretty she made my twine look!  What a girl!
The cool old tag of Golden Quarter Broiler Mash! What the heck is that?! I have no clue but it's really cool.
So let me tell you right now, go on over to her Etsy and you will find the neatest stuff around.
And if you order something you will be pleasantly surprise what you get. Unless I'm the only one she does this for because she likes me best. I kind of doubt it.

So I had a happy day today and I truly hope you did also.
Thank you Kristin, you went above and beyond and it's very much appreciated!


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Linda said... all the pretty goodies!

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Didn´t know twine could look so beautiful ;)

Have a great day my friend,