Wednesday, April 28, 2010


These guys were in my pool skimmer.
As you can see I have not cleaned it in a while.
When I took them out they stayed this way. I think they were in shock.
I hope you bloggers are having a great week!


The Boston Lady said...

Finally!!! I thought maybe your girls nite out had done you in! Those frogs look huge, probably were gorging on mosquitoes while living in your skimmer.

I'm having a very good week and hope yours is going well too!

David said...

Those are toads, but I'm not sure what kind. Is this in Florida or Montana?

JuJu said...

Did you name them?
Or, did you kiss them and find a prince or two??

Becca said...

Wow KarenSue, that's wild! Love it!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh...just hanging out? Glad they're ok!

David said...

OK, I've identified your toads. (I know you were probably losing sleep wondering what kind of toad was in your pool!)


They are Southern Toads, Bufo terrestris. Here are some links...

This is their breeding season. Toads seek water to reproduce. And that's exactly what it looks like the two in the back have in mind!

Drama Queen said...

I would have freaked out. Seriously! After I quit laughing!

Sanna said...

Hi Karensue,

Oh poor things - or, maybe not? after reading David´s comment :)

Have a great weekend,